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Why Study Anatomy & Physiology?

Anatomy and physiology are a prerequisite for many health science programs.

  • Fulfill Your Requirements

    If you are considering a career in the healthcare industry, you need to learn anatomy & physiology. This course offers extensive knowledge of the body as a whole.

  • Path to a Lucrative Career.

    Beginning a healthcare career can be intimidating. Mastering anatomy and physiology will broaden your educational and career prospects in a fast-growing field.

  • Developing Clinical Skills

    There is a range of potential career opportunities for someone with a strong background in anatomy and physiology, from clinical work to laboratory research.

Why Study With Us?

We offer an innovative approach to teach this course in the comfort of your home. 

  • Convenient & Access

    Study from anywhere at any time with 24/7 virtual access to all mobile-friendly coursework & learning content. No Scheduled meetings, lectures, or assignment deadlines. Self-paced, instructor-assisted individualized online course

  • Interactive & Engaging curriculum

    An engaging combination of learning, practice, and assessment into a single learning resource. Innovative, online course experiences that improve and measure your engagement and comprehension.

  • Continuous Support

    Experienced instructors are available daily via phone, video, or phone call to provide support and answer questions. Connect in real-time with your peers via our discussion boards.

Our Anatomy & Physiology is the Solution

Students stay engaged with varied interactive practice activities that are interwoven alongside module content throughout the tool.

  • All-inclusive 12-month access to online interactive learning materials

  • Animation videos

  • Practice activities throughout

  • Embedded audio pronunciation

  • End-of-module quizzes

  • Simplified access within a single resource

Curriculum Overview

Anatomy & Physiology is an integrated, interactive online learning resource that works on multiple devices, including mobile. The product is designed to provide content to meet the needs of the Anatomy & Physiology course for a variety of allied health programs. Content presented in the product is mapped to select NHA test plans for allied health credentials, including the CBCS, CCMA, CET, CPCT, CPhT, and CPT exams.Combines textbook, study guide, and online practice and assessment features into a single, simplified learning pathway

  • Provides content in small sections with  frequent practice and feedback to increase confidence
  • Encourages application of learned content through an integrated case study and activities, practice activities, and enrichment to increase retention
  • Provides a summative quiz at the end of each module to measure performance
  • Uses interactivity to increase engagement 

Curriculum Components

The course consists of 25 modules of instructional content broken down into respective lessons.

Each module contains detailed lectures and notes, animated video lectures, interactive activities, real-world clinical cases, classmate interaction, laboratory simulations, constant feedback, and support from instructors.

Each module in the product includes the following components:

Pretest: To assess background knowledge before completion of a module.  This ungraded quiz with immediate feedback sets the stage for learning.

Overview:  A brief introduction and module objectives. Practice activities, quizzes  Underlined words and audio pronunciation pop-ups.

Topics:  Designed to present small sections of information followed by practice activities that align with the learning objectives. Presentation of the information varies from text with audio pronunciations, illustrations, photography, and animations.

Practice activities: reinforce learning objectives. Like the pretest, practice activities are not scored; they’re intended to engage the learner in a low-stress environment. Correct answers are given immediately 

  • Quizzes:  Summative quizzes assess knowledge of module content
  • Additional Enrichment: Downloadable enrichment content, including:
  • Word Anatomy. This revisits some basic Medical Terminology.
  • Concept Mastery. Reviews common or complex concepts and relationships, as well as clinical perspectives.

Syllabus Break Down

 The 25 modules consist of 7 units.

  1. The Body as a Whole: Modules 1 to 4
  2. Disease and the First Line of Defense: Modules 5 to 6
  3.  Movement and Support: Modules 7 to 8
  4. Coordination and Control: Modules 9 to 12
  5. Circulation and Body Defense: Modules 13 to 17
  6. Energy: Supply and Use: Modules 18 to 22
  7. Perpetuation of Life: Modules 23 to 25 Each