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Why Certified Pharmacy Technician?

Certified pharmacy technicians are in high demand.

Pharmacy technicians play a crucial role in providing safe and effective patient care, including managing inventory, receiving prescription requests from patients and doctors' offices, accurately measuring medication amounts, establishing and maintaining patient records, accepting payment for prescriptions, and processing insurance claims.
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Why Us?

Our fully online self-paced program will prepare you for a nationally accredited industry certification exam in as little as 12 weeks!

  • Flexible On-demand Virtual Learning

    Interactive and engaging lessons with practical labs and real-life simulations will prepare you for the hands-on training externship portion of our program with Walgreens / CVS Pharmacies and others.

  • Interactive & Engaging Curriculum

    With our training program, you will be fully prepared to successfully pass the NHA or PTCB exam and find your way into the job market as a CPhT. We have designed and developed a comprehensive training program with many practice opportunities for you to feel comfortable with the exam. You will always have an instructor available to answer any questions you may have.

  • Externship Placement

    We partnered with CVS and Walgreens to provide externship placements for our students. This externship will provide students with extensive hands-on training and allow them to apply the knowledge and skills they gained from the course to a real pharmacy setting.

Instructional Content Components

Our comprehensive training course covers topics such as drug and medical terminology, self-management skills, patient interaction and pharmacy math.

  • All-inclusive online access to course materials available immediately upon enrollment.

  • 12-month access to the course materials.

  • Six practice exams (NHA/CPhT).

  • Comprehensive dosage-calculation training .

  • Audio narration for each page and video. Because each individual learns differently, we provide optional audio support of all content for improved comprehension.

  • Quizzes for each module to assess topic comprehension. Assessment contains rationales explaining correct and incorrect answers.

  • Supplemental practice exam with assessment questions.

  • Nationally accredited certification exam fee is covered by us (once).

  • Externship.

This Course Offers the Following:

Fundamental Knowledge for Pharmacy Technician (20 modules)

Externship Placement: CVS / Walgreens

Complete Study Guide (8 modules)

Practice Tests (Six)

Certification Exam ExCPT or PTCB 

Course Curriculum

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • PowerPoint: Introduction and Basic Overview CPhT

    • Responsibilities of a Pharmacy Technician

    • Introduction and Basic Overview: NHA Portal

    • Discussion Post Activity

  3. 3
    • Video Presentation: Anatomy and Physiology

    • Human Organ Systems

    • PowerPoint: Integumentary System

    • PowerPoint: Muscular System

    • PowerPoint: Nervous & Sensory

    • PowerPoint: Cardiovascular & Lymphatic

    • PowerPoint: Respiratory System

    • PowerPoint: Digestive and Urinary Systems

    • PowerPoint: Endocrine System

    • PowerPoint: Reproductive System

    • Basic Anatomy and Physiology

    • Basic Anatomy and Physiology: NHA Portal

    • Clinic Scenario Questions.

    • Case Study: Shane’s Daycare Incident

  4. 4
    • Web Resources: Medical Terminology Introduction

    • Overview of Common Medical Terminology Prefixes

    • PowerPoint: Medical Terminology

    • Drug and Medical Terminology: PowerPoint Presentation

    • Drug and Medical Terminology: NHA Portal

    • Understanding Prescription Abbreviations

    • Discussion Activity: In the Clinic- Abbreviations

  5. 5
    • PowerPoint: Introduction to Pharmacology

    • Introduction to Pharmacology

    • Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics

    • Pharmacology Presentation

    • Basic Pharmacology: NHA Portal

    • Pharmacology - Pharmacokinetics

    • Pharmacokinetics Discussion Post

  6. 6
    • Basics of Infection Prevention

    • Pharmacy & Infection Control

    • PowerPoint: Infection Control, Wellness, and Disease Prevention

    • Infection Control, Wellness, and Disease Prevention: NHA Portal

    • Case Study Discussion Post

  7. 7
    • PowerPoint: Prescription Medication- General

    • Web Resource : Understanding Prescriptions

    • Generic Vs. Branded Drugs

    • Medication Errors

    • Prescription Medications: NHA Portal

    • Research Assignment

  8. 8
    • PowerPoint: Prescription Medication- Controlled Substances

    • Medications: Controlled Substances: NHA Portal

    • What are Schedule Drugs?

    • Case Study Discussion Activity

    • Written Assignment: Calculating DEA Numbers

  9. 9
    • The Dispensing Process

    • PowerPoint: Dispensing Process

    • The Dispensing Process: NHA Portal

    • Prescription Drug Dispensing Errors

    • Case Study Discussion Activity

  10. 10
    • Web Resource: A Review of Conversion Factors

    • PowerPoint: Pharmacy Calculations

    • Pharmacy Calculations

    • Interpreting Directions for Use

    • Written Assignment: 
General Requirements of a Written Prescription

  11. 11
    • PowerPoint: Commonly Prescribed Interventions

    • Commonly Prescribed Interventions: NHA Portal

    • Research Activity: Insulin

    • Case Study, Discussion Activity

  12. 12
    • PowerPoint: Managed Care Prescriptions

    • Managed Care Prescriptions: NHA Portal

    • Research Activity: Medicare D

  13. 13
    • PowerPoint: Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medications

    • The Most Common OTC Medications

    • Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medications: NHA Portal

    • Research and Reflection:Misuse of an OTC Medicine

    • Activity

  14. 14
    • Self Management Skills, Communication, and Teamwork

    • PowerPoint: Self Management Skills

    • Self Management Skills, Communication, and Teamwork: NHA Portal

    • Discussion Post Pharmacy Scenario

  15. 15
    • PowerPoint: Patient Interaction

    • Communication Skills

    • Patient Interaction: NHA Portal

    • Research of Pharmacy Technician’s Code of Ethics

  16. 16
    • PowerPoint: An Overview of Federal Privacy Requirements

    • An Overview of Federal Privacy Requirements: NHA Portal

    • Most Common HIPAA Violations

    • What Are The 4 Ds of Medical Negligence?

    • Research Paper on HIPAA Violation

  17. 17
    • PowerPoint: Non-Dispensing Duties

    • Non-dispensing Duties: NHA Portal

    • Activity: Visit Your Local Pharmacy

    • Activity: Pharmacy Recall

  18. 18
    • PowerPoint: Unit Dose Systems and Medication Repackaging

    • Unit Dose Systems and Medication Repackaging: NHA Portal

    • Activity: Single-Unit and Unit-Dose Packages of Medications

  19. 19
    • PowerPoint: Non-Sterile Product Compounding

    • Non-Sterile Product Compounding: NHA Portal

    • Video: Non-Sterile Compounding

  20. 20
    • PowerPoint: Sterile Product Compounding

    • Sterile Compounding, How it Should Work

    • Sterile Product Compounding: NHA Portal

  21. 21
    • PowerPoint: Emergency Situations

    • Emergency Situations: NHA Portal

    • Research Natural Disaster in the United States

  22. 22
    • First Practice Exam

  23. 23
    • Description of Study Guide

    • 1- Overview of Responsibilities of a Pharmacy Technician

    • Quiz: Pharmacy Technician Overview

    • 2- Law, Regulations, and Controlled Substances

    • Quiz: Laws, Regulations, and Controlled Substances

    • 3- Classifications and Frequently Prescribed Medications

    • Quiz: Drug Classifications and Frequently Prescribed Medications

    • 4- Prescription and medication order intake and entry

    • Quiz: Prescription and medication order intake and entry

    • 5- Preparing and Dispensing Prescriptions

    • Quiz: Preparing and Dispensing Prescriptions: Overview

    • 6- Calculations

    • Quiz: Calculations

    • 7- Unit Dose, and Repackaging

    • Quiz:Unit Dose, and Repackaging

    • 8- Medication Safety and Quality Assurance

    • Quiz: Medication Safety and Quality Assurance

  24. 24
    • Second practice exam

  25. 25
    • Supplemental Practice Exam